My, my it’s been busy around here!

Hello my yarny readers,

I last left this blog after a hectic move, went camping for my birthday, and then my boyfriend, Shantih, asked me to marry him!  We planned the wedding and were married in 3 months.  (I’m not pregnant, I swear.  That’s just how we roll: crazy and grandiose.)

University Heights

University Heights is a special place for both of us, and it seemed only fitting to be married underneath the Uni Heights sign, by our good friend Grumpy Old Mike.

Grumpy Old Mike

I was still sewing my dress the morning of the wedding, and Shantih’s shirt didn’t have buttons until the day before, but everything went beautifully.  Many of our families traveled from Chicago, and our amazing friends dressed in costumes, cooked food, and danced their tails off.  Love abounded everywhere.

VicShantihAmanda Married

Twiggs Coffee House wrote a wonderful description about the affair if you’re interested to read more.


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