Back to the Land of Wool and Alpaca

It’s been a while since I’ve done a craft show, and I’m so glad that Laura of Snowflake Crafts  suggested that I participate in the Craft and Draft at Blind Lady Ale House last Sunday.  We’ve done many events together where I’ve offered Two Minute Portraits, and this time I decided to debut some of my crocheted kitties.

Craft and Draft 082310-4friendsKnot Your Nanna

I originally made them as puppy toys, experimenting with my friends’ dogs over the years.  Tina’s boys, Hank and Guthrie, l-o-v-e-d their “baby,” and it lasted much longer than I would have imagined.



The kitties were well received, and I’m motivated to keep making them.  Some will be dog toys, but I will try other colors and softer yarns for kids.  Building the bodies are relatively easy, and the faces are super fun.

Crochet Kitties Crochet Kitty


You can crochet animals too!  All you need to know is a circle and increasing/decreasing.  I would share a pattern, but I craft them by feel, and they’re all a little wonky and different (which is probably why I haven’t grown bored).  Crochet is very intuitive for me, but I realize some people prefer a more structured approach.  The benefits to the latter are consistency and a superior product, although you will be counting stitches.   There are many many free patterns out there, especially on

Keep an eye out on the calendar.  I will finally be posting new classes. 🙂

Happy Yarning everyone, and Merry Holidays as well.



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