Summer is Here

Hello my lovely readers.

At the beginning of March my landlord notified my roommate and I that the housing market has turned, and he planned to sell our house in sixty days.  Many of you either know someone or have experienced this situation for yourself, and needless to say, it’s a pain in the butt.  I hate moving.


So life has been more hectic than usual, but summer is here, and I’m looking forward to creating and yarning in my new place.  And with all of you!

I’m at Twiggs without my camera, but I do have pictures from another project on my computer that I would love to share.


Two apartments ago I lived off an alley that was frequently tagged by graffiti, so I decided to liven the unattractive cement wall with a mural.  The neighborhood children were eager to help and began painting colors faster than I could mix the old house paints.  The background was laid in, but I hadn’t counted on their help with the details, although they were more than willing to volunteer.


To keep us all happy I invented little projects for them, and it was really fun and rewarding.  I rolled out some paper and they created their own mural.  Another time I collected palm fronds and we painted masks.  Those kids were such a pleasure, and I miss them.



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