Keyo’s Baby Shower

My sincere hopes that Prachi’s daughter has not been waiting for this post, because I am 2 weeks overdue!  A bit of innocent pregnancy humor to mask my embarrassment that I have waited so long to share this event.

What a heart felt and amazing experience it was to be a part of Keyo’s baby shower. Thanks so much to Prachi for organizing everything, especially when she was so close to having her daughter. Prachi warned me that she might not be able to make it, and later at the shower joked, “Please don’t let me have a Super Bowl baby!”

I was admittedly a bit nervous to teach ten women how to crochet, but I couldn’t have asked for a better group. I immediately felt at ease and also had a few experienced crocheters who were quite enthusiastic to share their knowledge.

We pushed the coffee table out of the way and gathered on the carpet. The goal was to make granny squares for a blanket and also crochet some flowers for a headband. Yarn was everywhere! The best part was that nobody gave up, and as they got the hang of it, some of my gals started getting pretty creative. It was wonderful.

We even had one square that started to get taller instead of wider, and I was so impressed by how it was transformed into this adorable hat.


The blanket was still in granny pieces when I left, and Prachi shared with me the finished product. How beautiful and filled with love it is! Do you notice that the corners are granny square flowers? Amazing.


I can’t contain how truly proud I am of their accomplishments in one afternoon. Ten women now know how to crochet, and Keyo’s daughter will have this blanket forever.


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