Crochet and Knitting Group Lessons


My name is Amanda, and I run a crochet and knitting group in San Diego.


3 thoughts on “Crochet and Knitting Group Lessons

    • Prachi! It’s great to hear from you. On the calendar link you can find my google calendar. The next class is on January 26th from 3-4 at Twiggs Green Room on Park Blvd. The price is $10/ person or 2 for $15. But I can always swing a deal since you’re one of my original students.
      We can make anything! There tons of free patterns on And I can also bring some for you to flip through.

      Hope to see ya soon,

      • Amanda,
        We are a group of 8-9 gals and we are looking for some group class where we can making stuff for baby, One of our friend is expecting and we plan to arrange this for her as a baby shower 🙂

        We are looking for 3rd Feb any time should work. Can we talk on phone for more detail information? (send me your number if yes).

        Let me know what are your prices for a group class and 3rd Feb works?


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