Back to the Land of Wool and Alpaca

It’s been a while since I’ve done a craft show, and I’m so glad that Laura of Snowflake Crafts  suggested that I participate in the Craft and Draft at Blind Lady Ale House last Sunday.  We’ve done many events together where I’ve offered Two Minute Portraits, and this time I decided to debut some of my crocheted kitties.

Craft and Draft 082310-4friendsKnot Your Nanna

I originally made them as puppy toys, experimenting with my friends’ dogs over the years.  Tina’s boys, Hank and Guthrie, l-o-v-e-d their “baby,” and it lasted much longer than I would have imagined.



The kitties were well received, and I’m motivated to keep making them.  Some will be dog toys, but I will try other colors and softer yarns for kids.  Building the bodies are relatively easy, and the faces are super fun.

Crochet Kitties Crochet Kitty


You can crochet animals too!  All you need to know is a circle and increasing/decreasing.  I would share a pattern, but I craft them by feel, and they’re all a little wonky and different (which is probably why I haven’t grown bored).  Crochet is very intuitive for me, but I realize some people prefer a more structured approach.  The benefits to the latter are consistency and a superior product, although you will be counting stitches.   There are many many free patterns out there, especially on

Keep an eye out on the calendar.  I will finally be posting new classes. 🙂

Happy Yarning everyone, and Merry Holidays as well.



My, my it’s been busy around here!

Hello my yarny readers,

I last left this blog after a hectic move, went camping for my birthday, and then my boyfriend, Shantih, asked me to marry him!  We planned the wedding and were married in 3 months.  (I’m not pregnant, I swear.  That’s just how we roll: crazy and grandiose.)

University Heights

University Heights is a special place for both of us, and it seemed only fitting to be married underneath the Uni Heights sign, by our good friend Grumpy Old Mike.

Grumpy Old Mike

I was still sewing my dress the morning of the wedding, and Shantih’s shirt didn’t have buttons until the day before, but everything went beautifully.  Many of our families traveled from Chicago, and our amazing friends dressed in costumes, cooked food, and danced their tails off.  Love abounded everywhere.

VicShantihAmanda Married

Twiggs Coffee House wrote a wonderful description about the affair if you’re interested to read more.

Summer is Here

Hello my lovely readers.

At the beginning of March my landlord notified my roommate and I that the housing market has turned, and he planned to sell our house in sixty days.  Many of you either know someone or have experienced this situation for yourself, and needless to say, it’s a pain in the butt.  I hate moving.


So life has been more hectic than usual, but summer is here, and I’m looking forward to creating and yarning in my new place.  And with all of you!

I’m at Twiggs without my camera, but I do have pictures from another project on my computer that I would love to share.


Two apartments ago I lived off an alley that was frequently tagged by graffiti, so I decided to liven the unattractive cement wall with a mural.  The neighborhood children were eager to help and began painting colors faster than I could mix the old house paints.  The background was laid in, but I hadn’t counted on their help with the details, although they were more than willing to volunteer.


To keep us all happy I invented little projects for them, and it was really fun and rewarding.  I rolled out some paper and they created their own mural.  Another time I collected palm fronds and we painted masks.  Those kids were such a pleasure, and I miss them.


We’d Love Your Company

Hello my friends,
The calendar has been quiet these days because I’m a bit overwhelemed with classes and work. I am going to move the regular class to an undetermined weekday evening, but in the interim, I am excited to be hosting a granny squares workshop at the University Art Gallery next Tuesday.


We'd Love Your Company

We’d Love Your Company is a project with Ethan Breckenridge and other collaborators at the UAG, and the Crafts Center Community is taking advantage of their open proposals for workshops and demonstrations. Besides spreading the craft of yarn, I try to support and increase awareness of the Crafts Center in any way I can. It was the source of my beloved pottery studio before it abruptly closed this fall.

My class will be a beginning to intermediate granny square workshop on Tuesday March 19th from 6:30-8:30pm. The cost is $5 and includes all supplies. Depending on your level, we will begin with a basic granny square.


Many thanks to Adaiha for this photo and detailed tutorial.

And for the experienced, or the daring, we will also have this cute project going, courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me.

Hope to see you all there!


Keyo’s Baby Shower

My sincere hopes that Prachi’s daughter has not been waiting for this post, because I am 2 weeks overdue!  A bit of innocent pregnancy humor to mask my embarrassment that I have waited so long to share this event.

What a heart felt and amazing experience it was to be a part of Keyo’s baby shower. Thanks so much to Prachi for organizing everything, especially when she was so close to having her daughter. Prachi warned me that she might not be able to make it, and later at the shower joked, “Please don’t let me have a Super Bowl baby!”

I was admittedly a bit nervous to teach ten women how to crochet, but I couldn’t have asked for a better group. I immediately felt at ease and also had a few experienced crocheters who were quite enthusiastic to share their knowledge.

We pushed the coffee table out of the way and gathered on the carpet. The goal was to make granny squares for a blanket and also crochet some flowers for a headband. Yarn was everywhere! The best part was that nobody gave up, and as they got the hang of it, some of my gals started getting pretty creative. It was wonderful.

We even had one square that started to get taller instead of wider, and I was so impressed by how it was transformed into this adorable hat.


The blanket was still in granny pieces when I left, and Prachi shared with me the finished product. How beautiful and filled with love it is! Do you notice that the corners are granny square flowers? Amazing.


I can’t contain how truly proud I am of their accomplishments in one afternoon. Ten women now know how to crochet, and Keyo’s daughter will have this blanket forever.

Oh my Granny Square

As is often the case, I get project envy. When Terry came to class last Saturday wanting to make these cute market bags, suddenly I find myself on the granny square kick again.


But my downfall with g squares is always this: weaving in all those dang ends! And finishing enough squares for a project.

I was inspired by this slipper pattern on Ravelry, which is just way too cool not to attempt. 11 more squares to go!

I think this is a good example of how our attention spans deviate when it comes to various types of projects. I can spend countless hours crocheting a skirt, but sometimes making a bunch of quick granny squares becomes overly tedious. You have to find the right amount of challenge and monotony to keep yourself interested, while still finding the project enjoyable and relaxing.

Stay tuned for pictures of Allegra’s skirt!

Happy yarning.


Hello yarners,
It has been quite a hectic few weeks, so I haven’t been blasting my class over internet as I would have liked.  But! And I know it’s last minute, but there’s a class tomorrow, Saturday, from 3-4pm. I have also filled in the calendar until the end of the year.  So stop on by with all your holiday projects and questions!

Wishing you the best,